About that….


I sure have been a bit MIA lately.


Okay, let’s face it this blog seems like it fell off of the edge of the earth with no return. To be honest, I have been living and loving life lately that I haven’t even had time to update. I have literally been living in the moment. To me, that’s great! But I still would love to share with everyone what I have been up to lately.

Yes, I am still around. Mostly on Instagram because it’s a bit easier for me to update. I have been working a lot more also. Yes, I am with the same company and yes I still love it. Having a job that’s full time, ‘adulting’, and having to actually have a life is harder than I thought. In all seriousness though, I think I’m doing a pretty awesome job in the adult department. ::pats self on the back::

I have decided to delete my other post as I was still developing a feel of what I wanted to do with ‘Next Stop, Happiness’. Yes, I will be back and hopefully even better (I mean, you know, for those who actually read this thing). Anyways, I really do hope everyone is doing well and that you all are living in the moment.

I will be back soon!


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