I N T R O 101

Welcome to Chrissay 101

I know I have an about page, but that barely tells you who I am. So here are random 30 facts about the girl behind this blog!

  1. My first name is Christianne. You could only imagine the struggle I had when I was a kid to spell such a long name.
  2.  I am full blooded Filipino.
  3. I have one older sister.
  4. I will admit, I am spoiled. Being the youngest has its perks.
  6. I am a very big fan of the Korean Idol group BIG BANG. TLDR; I share the same birthday as Taeyang.
  7. I also like Korean Hip Hop!
  8. I’m scared of the dark!
  9. I’m also afraid of thunder storms.
  11. I used to sing a lot when I was growing up that I actually thought I was going to be the Asian Britney Spears.
  12. My major in college was Fashion Retail Management.
  13. I like to collect a lot of vinyl figures and stuffed animals (as seen on above photo!)
  14. My ultimate favorite television show is The Simpsons.
  15. I have 3 big scars on my body that lead me to hate my body while growing up. (but now I absolutely love how imperfect my body is)
  16. I don’t really tan and if I do it doesn’t even last 24 hours.
  17. TACOS ARE LITERALLY MY JAM! Actually Mexican food is my jam in general.
  18. My second favorite food is Japanese curry.
  19. I am clumsy to the point where i trip on my own 2 feet.
  20. My room is my favorite place.
  21. I can sleep for 2 hours at night and be functional the next day.
  22. I’m not fond of the color orange.
  23. I am DEATHLY ALLERGIC to seafood.
  24. I get very very very very very angry at people who think they can call me Chris. Only a few people have that right.
  25. I do yoga 4 times out of the week.
  27. I have a very bad obsession to lip stick and lip products in general.
  28. Elephants and pandas are my favorite animals.
  29. My first pet was a goldfish named Betty. It was short lived because my sister overfed her. RIP.
  30. I look like my dad, but act like my mother.


This was harder than I thought. I really thought I knew myself and could actually voice out random facts in 20 minutes, but this post took me a few days. When I say a few days, I really mean two.

Hopefully this gives you an idea about who I am. If you would like me to go in deeper detail about some of these facts you are more than welcome to leave your comments below!

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