s p l a s h

Photos by : SAAID

Can you actually believe it’s been seven months since my last update. No? Yeah, same here. Well at least my first post after my “hiatus” is an outfit post! ::Literally pats self on the back::

After living  in Las Vegas for a few years, I have learned that Spring weather is definitely non-existent. Is it sad? Sure is! Why? Because after having the cold awesome weather, we jump in to 80 degree dry heat. During the evening time the weather does get pretty awesome and having an light bomber jacket is for sure a must.

I scored on getting this oversized-distressed Band T-shirt from ASOS right when the weather got hot.  I thought the shirt wouldn’t be light weight because it was such a heavily graphic tee. It’s actually a super light weight shirt that you can pair with either shorts or pants during any type of season.

To feel a bit more bold, just add a few accessories and flash your favorite pair of shoes. I kept it simple with a gold chain and gold rings from H&M and Topshop. My  shoe choice was my YRU platform sneakers from DOLLSKILL. Most might think these new age grunge sneaker would be painful and hard to walk in, but it’s the complete opposite. I was comfortable through out the whole day because of the extra padding around the ankle.  Being someone who is really short, these sneakers made me feel stylishly tall.

TL;DR I’m not going to promise that I’m going to update within the next few days because my life gets pretty hectic. So, follow my instagram here for more up to date shenanigans.

Much love and peace until my next post!

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