Having California as a neighboring state is a big plus living in Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure a lot of LA folks feel the same way about Vegas. Or you know, maybe not. Anyway, here are a few highlights of my mini get away.

The LINE Hotel

I was very fortunate to stay in a Hotel in the heart of Koreatown. Located on Wilshire and Normandie, The Line Hotel is one of the best spots to just… people watch. Having their very own café, The Pot, The Commissary, and Poketo, The Line Hotel definitely bleeds its own personality.

Inside the room I stayed in we had a view of Wilshire, one of the busiest streets located here in LA’s K-town. If you just want to stop by and have a drink, The Pot is hot spot to kickback and chill. Through out the day, I actually saw people walk in and out. Most were just relaxing, others were on their laptops doing work and such.

The Commissary was beyond beautiful! Sitting right by the Line’s outdoor pool, The Commissary is a place where you can dine and relax right after a busy day. They have an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they also offer different dishes on the weekend during dinner and a weekend brunch buffet.

If you plan on eating here during the weekend make a reservation because this place was packed in the morning for breakfast! Walk ins are welcomed, but I highly recommend just making a reservation so you won’t have to wait.

Universal Studios

My seastar, her boyfriend, my best buddy, and me

One of three of my favorite theme parks in the world. TLDR; the other two is Tokyo Disney and Disneyworld.

For those of you who don’t know, I absolutely love The Simpsons which is why this park remains supreme in my book. Coming here gives me an opportunity to try cartoon food and drinks like Buzz Cola, Luigi’s Pizza, Bumblebee Man’s Tacos, and lots more! The rides aren’t all that bad either and that’s coming from someone who would rather play games than ride a roller coaster. I know, I’m lame.

Besides going to the wonderful world of the Simpsons. I really wanted to go on the Despicable Me’s Minon Mayham ride. Going in the morning has its perks! For a high traffic attraction we only had to wait 25 minutes in line. Once the day progressed the wait for Minon Mayham was around 75 minutes. Yikes!  Super Silly Fun Land didn’t have the water features on yet because we got there early. The colors around this area were super vibrant and added a different personality to the park that was entertaining for not only the kids but also big kids like me.

We also went to the Walking Dead attraction. I was more or less forced to walk through this. I was totally freaking out while I was in line. I was waiting for things to pop out and scare the living day lights out of me. Of course, that didn’t happen but I was prepared! In the end, it wasn’t all that scary.


If you are ever in Koreatown and are looking for good Korean BBQ restaurant, go to Quarters. They serve quarter pound portioned meat, hence the name Quarters.

Just like any other KBBQ joint, they have set meals like beef brisket, pork belly, and so and so forth. The great thing about this palace is if you order five of your own choice of meat, you get a choice of Kimchi or Soy Bean stew, steam egg, and cheese fondue. Of course, you get your regular banchan of Kimchi, marinated radish, kimchi pancake, potato salad, salad, and broccoli salad. I recommend not skipping the cheese fondue because it’s beyond delicious. I also really like their Kimchi Stew, probably one of the best I’ve tasted. Not only is it flavorful, it has the right amount of spice to it.

85 Degree Cafe


I have been trying to go here for the longest time, but every time we try to go something would come up. At last! I have arrived! If you haven’t noticed by now I have a really big sweet tooth and I love cakes.

The fact that they had an assortment of sweets was heaven for me. I wanted to try everything, but I contained my feels. Instead of getting all sweets, I actually got an assortment of different pastries during this visit. I highly recommend the spicy sausage bread! It has Sriracha on top and cheese all around the bread part. Super delicious! If you take it home with you heat it up in a toaster oven so the cheese will melt. YUM!

It just now hit me that most of my trip was mostly eating. Let’s be real, the best kind of trip is where you can eat freely and worry later once you get home.

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