The T R U T H about being blonde

The frizz is super real in this photo. Haha!

Well…at least my truth.

I know it’s been awhile; I’m not really going to say sorry because life sure has been hectic since the last update. But since then, if you haven’t been following my Instagram, I have officially gone blonde!

I went blonde on April 15, so it’s been a few months already with this hair style. Why I went blonde? Honestly, I was bored.  Do I like being a blonde? I sure freakin do! It’s different from the dark shades I’m so used to getting.
Lately, I’ve been getting a lot more questions about the process and how I keep up with my hair. So here is my truth to 3 frequently asked questions that can help with dyed hair in general; but mostly for  those who want to go blonde.

Was coloring your hair expensive?

Yes! All salons that I experienced offer starting prices when it comes to coloring. The one I went to has a starting price of $175 and it can go up from there depending on your length of hair and how thick it is. Do not be surprised if it goes over the starting price, like way over. If you deiced on making a drastic change in hair, I advise to save up first. Not only for the initial coloring process, but also the up keep of your color.

It takes a lot for your stylist to color your hair the way you want it to look like and it’s often when you want to go towards a certain blonde, it can take a few sessions in the salon chair.

TLDR; also if you do dye your hair, always ask if styling is included too! Sometimes salons don’t include styling at the end of your dye and it’s an additional charge.

How long was the process?
This varies between each person and hair color you would like to achieve. Processing my hair from light brown to a medium shade of blonde took 2 hours. At that time, my hair was past my shoulders, towards the middle of my back.

I also didn’t go bright blonde right away either. I had to edge myself towards a lighter color and start at a dark toned blonde and I had to wait until my hair was healthy enough for me to go lighter. When I went in to get my roots done for the first time, I went for the brighter blonde, but not quiet platinum during that time.

Again, hair coloring can be a process depending on what you would like to achieve and it can take a few sessions to get towards the color you want to go to. So be patient. Not unless you really want your hair to be unhealthy, then color your hair in one appointment.

How many times a week do you go in to get your roots done?

Everyone’s timeline will be different when it comes to their roots. I have to go back to the salon every 3 weeks because my hair grows out really fast. You never want to wait either because if your roots get out of control, the next time you get in the chair you can end up with a hair line that can be visible  with the root touch up. That actually happened to me and…….well it was embarrassing.

Are there certain products that you use to keep up with the coloring?

Yes! All the products I use religiously are in the above photo.

Dry Bar Blonde Ale $27 per bottle

I didn’t believe in purple shampoo until I went lighter and then my hair started to turn golden blonde after a few washes. That’s when I started using purple shampoo. You can find these wonderful bottles at your local Ulta or Sephora.

Pro tip from my stylist that I now follow: leave the product in your hair so you can tone it and keep it lighter. This actually helps maintain its brightness and prevents you from turning your hair into a gold blonde.

Oribe’s Masque for Beautiful Color  $63

It’s always good to masque your hair after coloring. No, it will not fix your split ends. It just helps your hair seal all the natural nutrients  your body makes for your hair so your long beautiful locks will look super shiny and healthy after being damaged by lots and lots of chemicals.

I usually wait  3 days after a coloring before I wash my hair. After I shampoo, I leave on this masque to seal hydration and also prevent my hair from looking super dry and frayed. If I know I’m not going to go out, I leave it in my hair and actually let it set in my hair for 24 hours. Once I wash it after that, my hair looks super healthy and shiny.

Oribe’s Supershine Cream $52

I am obsessed with this product. I’ve actually been using it since I colored my hair light brown and I’m still using it. This is the best, if not the number one, leave in conditioner in the hair product world. I started coloring my hair very early on in my life and it would leave my hair looking very very very dry, so my color would look like it was from a box. This product leaves my hair not only soft, but it looks like I walked fresh out of the salon every morning.

After I wash my hair, I use a dime size amount and glide it through my hair and leave it in for 25 to 30 minutes before blowing it out and straightening my hair. After all that intense heat you would think my long locks would be fried, but with Supershine it leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy as if I didn’t put it through heat hell styling.

You don’t even have to have dyed hair for this product! Just go and get it because it works wonders!

I’m more than happy to answer any other question about hair coloring so feel free to reach out. I am nowhere near to being an expert about hair dying, however, I do know some stuff that maybe useful. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram for more up to date posts.

Until then, thanks for stopping by! Spread love all around and smile always. Toodles! 


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