Chinese Lantern Festival

Las Vegas offers various activities during the Chinese New Year. This year I had a wonderful opportunity to go to the Chinese Lantern Lights thanks to my wonderful boyfriend.

The beautiful Chinese lanterns are currently being displayed in Craigs Ranch, which is a very open space for guest to walk through and take a lot of photos. Doors usually open at 5:30 pm but  we decided to go really late around 8 pm.

It was pretty quiet when we went around this time; it was cold but quiet enough for us to look at every lantern. Going around each section and taking pictures was very easy and a lot of the people around us were really friendly to stop and allow others to take photos.  Be warned! It is A LOT OF WALKING!

This beautiful flower display was right around the entrance along with the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

If you have kids going with you and you want them tired at the end of the day, I 100% percent recommend going here to walk around. You can also explore their craft section where they sell food, art work, and cute little nick nacks for people of all ages.

Although it was really cold, it was worth the time. It was super special to see all the colorful lights and embrace the New Lunar Year in beautiful way.

Until then, thanks for stopping by! Spread love all around and smile always. Toodles!


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