Museum of Ice Cream in Miami

I recently came back from Miami. By the way, very awesome city to come by. Good vibes, awesome people, delicious food, and great culture. While there, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Museum of Ice Cream.

The entrance of the Museum. They scan your tickets outside. By the way, we were late but they still took us in!

This exhibit itself has been in a number of cities such as Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Conveniently, while we were on vacation the Museum of Ice Cream was in Miami. Call it fate but we tried really hard to go to the one in LA and in SF but no luck since each day was practically sold out. The day we got in they had a 12:30pm opening and we took it as soon as we saw it! TL;DR: honestly jump on these tickets as soon as they make an announcement. Sign up for their news letter too to see available times and such. Also if you’re an American Express card holder you do get advanced purchase. Score for all you AMEX holders out there!

The entrance was super cute and had someone standing there to greet us upon arrival. The vibe of all the employees was contagious that you couldn’t help but be happy during the whole time you were there. Not that you wouldn’t be happy with Ice Cream. Ice Cream makes everyone happy, but Ice Cream with awesome people makes life even better.

This was floating outside their courtyard before you enter the different levels of the museum.

This Ice Cream Museum itself was 4 stories high and each level had something different. Once you enter the second level, you can’t go back and you just have to keep going up. Each level had a different theme and different types of ice cream to try out.

I absolutely loved the shake your buns room. It was designed to look like one of those classic diners that served shakes from like the 70s. This room served classic vanilla and chocolate shakes along with a whipped cream and cherry topping.

So worth it!

This cutie did his shake to get his treat!

The best part is that we had to do a shake to get our shake. Yes, you just have to shake your hips a bit and then a shake will come out of the conveyor belt. They also had this vintage game about ice cream, not too sure if it wasn’t working that day or if it’s just there for display so people can press the buttons. Either way the shake hit the spot on a hot day!

The other rooms also had various ice creams to serve such as mocha or your classic ice cream on a cone. Their was one particular room that served melted ice cream. Walking into the room itself you really couldn’t tell that it was the floor for serving melted ice cream.

Oddly delicious melted ice cream

They held all the small cartons with melted ice cream inside a freezer where the ice cream itself won’t freeze and remain melted.

It was humid everywhere!

Drinking it was really weird because you didn’t know what to expect, but if I had to describe it for those who never had melted ice cream, it’s like a really really really really blended version of a shake, but with a heavy cream taste to it. 

At the end of the tour, you end up in their gift shop where they sell a number of ice cream themed gifts that you can get. It was also cute to see the unicorn theme they had going on also. I got a kick out of the unicorn snot and crown. The Ice Cream candle didn’t really smell like Ice Cream but smelt like a mixture of vanilla and whipped cream. Pretty sure if you burn it, the smell will be stronger and it will give off a really strong sweet scent.

Thank you Museum of Ice Cream for having us!

If you happen to see that your city is going to exhibit the Ice Cream Museum, do not waste time and jump on the tickets. It’s 100% different from other places and if you’re totally about Instagram and social media postings, this is definitely your place to be.

Until my next post! Thanks for stopping by! Spread love all around and smile always. Toodles!

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