Plant the Future

This was one of the awesome finds that I came by when we went to Miami. I don’t have a green thumb but going into Plant the Future made me wish I did.


Plant the Future was a little boutique that wasn’t quite like all the other small boutiques that you find around Wynnwood. With the combination of art and their love of plants this very cute and quaint store offers a new way to present our little green friends.


Even the tiny plant with the three heart was so cute. I wish we could have brought it back with us.

I was very surprised at their offerings; not only do they supply a wide variety of plants and beautiful flower arrangements,  they also supply a variety of art pots. I’m not talking about your ordinary pot that you paint or create. They take pop art and vinyl figures and they make that into an eternal home for the plant.


We really wanted one and take it back to us to Las Vegas, but unfortunately, we couldn’t because of the height of the plant that we wanted. The girls told us that we can bring it as a carry on item but we already exceeded our carry on items and we were so concerned that we would break the branch of the plant or something else might happen so we didn’t chance it.
But guess what! For those who are  interested in actually purchasing they ship within the United States. Of course, some plants are unavailable for shipping but they’ll offer you the best alternative.

Please visit there website here and check out their Instagram here!

Until my next post! Thanks for stopping by! Spread love all around and smile always. Toodles!

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