If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands!

Your girl actually had some time off and she got a chance to take a quick vacation with her lover pie to my favorite neighboring state of California.

 This trip actually gave me and my boyfriend a chance to go to Happy Place LA and lemme tell you it was…well.. happy.

If you are very active on Instagram or like to take pictures, I highly recommend going to this pop up museum.

Trying to find Happy Place LA can be a bit difficult because it was located on top of a parking structure in the middle of Downtown LA. Once you go on the top floor of the parking garage, you’ll see that theirs a pop up tent where Happy Place is located at.

The moment you walk in, you see this really HUGE duck and then they’ll introduce you to the whole place and what you can and cannot do while you’re going through all rooms. You know just typical museum stuff.

It was pretty cool walking into each room, they were all very unique to their own and you can take a lot of photos in one specific room because the one room you are in has different features. The only room I didn’t get to visit was the flower garden with the sunflowers in them. It was really packed and to be honest, we drove 4 hours to LA and went straight to Happy Place. I wasn’t feeling climbing a ladder for one or three photos.

The best part about happy place is that they had this ball pit that you can jump in. I was very intimidated by it at first, but after jumping in, I definitely felt like I was a  kid again. But holy cow, getting out of that thing was a struggle! Bless up for leg day!

Before you make your exit, they also have a mini food court where they serve a lot of colorful food like Rainbow Grilled Cheese or Unicorn Sundaes and this really tasty lemonade. If you choose to get the Sundae, I recommend actually sharing it. They were serving HUGE portions!

If you would like to visit Happy Place you can purchase tickets by clicking this link. Or you know just check out their Geo-tag on Instagram to see if you’re feeling it or not.

Until my next post. Toodles!

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