Growing up, I have always wondered what it would be like to experience a world exactly like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Although Candytopia isn’t exactly like the dream factory, it was just as close to the sweet dream.

Candytopia is a delightful pop up museum located in Santa Monica Place in California. Unlike other art museums I have been to, this one came with a surprising twist. Candy was used as a medium for all the artwork that was on display! Throughout all the rooms, different types of candy was the main concept of this sweeter than life exhibit. From jolly ranchers to gummy worms; if you dreamt of it, it was there.

I definitely had the time of my life with this place. I absolutely love candy and sweets; I don’t like chocolate though. That is one luxury I don’t indulge in. Each room was very unique because one was not like the other. One was under the sea, another was dedicated to pop culture and another was dedicated to unicorns and pigs. Each room showcased all types of candy that we all grew up with. What made it even better is that they also give out free candy within each room for all the patrons to try. Needless to say, the sugar rush was real.

This crazy candy world is also very interactive. Upon entering, the staff members told us that we can create a QR code for ourselves that gives us a chance to take photos within the rooms.

Each room had a photo station where you can scan your QR code, from there you have a few seconds to create a pose and then the photo is taken. The staff gives you a warning when you have 5 seconds left before the photo is taken.

After you’re done, your photo is emailed to you within 5 minutes. On top of that! The staff is very open with everyone taking free pictures and free ‘smells’ of the candy that is on the walls.

Unfortunately, this location has officially closed its doors as the last day was July 22nd. But great news! Candytopia just announced that they will be popping up in San Francisco! If you’re located in the Bay Area and would like to be a part of this sweet awesolicious pop-up museum, sign up with your email on Candytopia to score the best tickets of the sweetest event of the century. Always remember, chocolate is not a privilege, it’s a luxury. Never take candy from strangers. Stay just as sweet as gummy bears and smile always. Until my next post! Toodles!

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