The Broad

I broke away from the pop up museum and actually visited The Broad during my last visit to LA. I want to say it took quite a while for me to get these tickets. Only because the other times in LA were meant for other festivities. But! I want to say that this is, by far, the best West Coast museum I have ever been to.
I would just like to say that a lot of museums around the United States have VERY, VERY up tight employees ::cough cough:: LACMA, I’m lookin’ at you because you’re the worst!! ::cough cough::. There are a lot of them who are very unkind, lack judgement and are literally just there to yell at the patrons who “break the rules”.

The Broad HAS THE BEST EMPLOYEES EVER! Literally the most helpful, informative, kind, open minded and more! One employee (I really wish I got her name) who was just there to delegate her designated art room was actually informing all of the guest who the artist was, what other work the artist did and other information that she probably didn’t have to relay, but did because she obviously wanted to be there and she enjoys art. Not only that! A lot of them actually smiled. I know it’s not one of the biggest things to actually look into, but if you have been to a lot of museums, a lot of the employees don’t smile at you or make eye contact and actually want to interact with you. Which literally translates, that they don’t want to be there and their job is out of convenience. THE BROAD IS FULL OF SMILES! And from my humble observation, they all want to be there and they genuinely enjoy what they’re doing.

Anyhow on the art work! I really have been wanting to go to The Broad for some time and a lot of it is because of the Infinity Rooms. But I’ll get into that soon. First and for most, this place is MASSIVE! There is so much art to see that it can be such a sensory overload; from the minimal art to the pop art, they have it!

They also had a Takashi Murakami exhibit; it wasn’t a big exhibit, but it was just right for everyone to see his contemporary concept.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to go to The Broad is for Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room. I didn’t know that they had two different rooms, so we actually went into only one which had the queued line and the room is titled, “The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away.”

Once you walk in, the staff at the door will tell you where to sign up to queue for the Infinity Mirror Room. Then they’ll tell you the wait time and ask you to leave your information so they can text you when it’s your turn to go into the room itself. After walking around for two or so hours, we got a text saying that we were now ready to go into the line where the Infinity Room was.

Once you’re in the final line, the staff gives you a bit of information of what the room is, how big the room is and how long you have. By the way, if I remember correctly, you had less than a minute to be in the Infinity Mirror Room. I got to say this room is pretty legit. I don’t want to give too much information away because everyone has a different opinion once they experience it. It was a bit magical, but its title gave so much justice and achieved what it wanted to explain to those who walk into the room.

Just a bit of a heads up, if you want to go to The Broad, tickets for the next month are released the first day of the month. So, if you want to go in September, tickets are now out, but for those who would like to go in October, you will have to wait until September 1st. HOWEVER! They do offer a queued line where you are more than welcome to wait until they let you know you can go in; thank goodness for crowd control. Go and follow their Twitter here and that can let you know the wait times and if they’re still accepting more people in the wait line or not.

IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE INFINITY ROOM, here is what you should do:

1. If you would like to get tickets, get the early times. This can benefit your wait time for ‘The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away’ Infinity Room. Our wait time was around two hours. By the time it was 1PM, the wait was already at five hours for the room.

2. The second infinity room, ‘Longing for Eternity,’ needs no sign up and you can just go up the escalators and experience that at any time of the day. Again, if you go early, the shorter the wait. If you would like to purchase tickets or would like more information, just click this link right here.

Until my next adventure! Toodles!

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