Cheat Day Land

Happy New Year readers!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Celebration and I wish you all nothing but good health and the best for 2019.

As we start the first week of 2019 with good intentions and resolutions, I will start mine with friendly reminders that on some days you just gotta give yourself a Cheat Day.

In the heart of LA’s Arts District, lies a land where ‘cheating’ is acceptable. Cheat Day Land is a one of a kind pop up museum that welcomes our guilty pleasure for food.

From Pizza to Ice Cream, Cheat Day Land is a place where you can have your favorite cheat day meal without the guilt.

Visitors are allowed around 10 to 20 minutes within more than ten rooms for an interactive experience with all your favorite foods from breakfast to dinner and everything else in between.

Each guest has an opportunity to take photos with either a taco truck, a wall full of chocolate or you can take a boomerang of yourself riding a doughnut.

Our tour guide, Britney, was awesome enough to actually help us with photos and also taught us how to ride the doughnut safely, which by the way was much harder than it seemed. Blessings to Britney for being a lifesaver while teaching us how to not fall off of that swing.

Like some interactive museums, this one came with a ball pit… or rather… a letter pit. It was more like a bowl of colorful lucky charms. I was very apprehensive when walking into this room because another museum we went to had a ball pit and the pit itself was on a bit on the deep end. I really didn’t want to go in because I like to feel the ground. Britney, of course, reassured me that this one had higher foam padding and it wasn’t all that bad. Again, Britney coming in clutch!

At the end of Cheat Day Land, you get to interact with few more rooms which also have more props such as a pizza dress, a doughnut box, a jail cell jumpsuit and more. If you do visit Cheat Day Land, remember to take a photo on their step and repeat then tag them so they can possibly showcase you on their Instastories.

And before you leave remember to get your complementary Monster Coffee; one bottle per ticket!

If you would like to go and have fun at Cheat Day Land, purchase your tickets here. Get them fast as this exhibit will be gone in February.

Until my next adventure,
Stay sweet, stay happy and look forward to better days.
Happy 2019!


2 thoughts on “Cheat Day Land

    • xxchrissay says:

      It was sooo fun I highly recommend if you’re in the area! Happy New Year to you and your little family Graciloo! Miss you tons!


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