The Foodie Space

Hello! My name is Chrissay and I have a problem. I have an obsession with food photography. I am not ashamed….!
No matter who I am with or where I am at, I will always stop and take pictures of all the food that I am going to consume.

It’s actually a bad habit; I grew up where table manners actually mattered and if you broke them, you’re in hot water. But since technology has grown throughout the years, my family has accepted that the masses should be introduced to the food that we serve.

When I found that Foodie Place was a safe haven for me to indulge in my obsession, I just knew I had to visit.

Foodie Place is located at the former Pasadena Museum of California Art.

This exhibit was massive and actually very fun to look at. Local artists put their creative minds together to create a ball pit full of caviar, a bamboo steamer filled with dumplings, a gigantic pizza and more.

All the pieces were life size and very interactive to where you can lift the objects and take photos. However, for those who don’t lift often, the object can be very heavy. So caution from the wise – lift with the knees, not with your back!

Of course, I went into the ball pit of caviar. And for a second, I really felt….R I C H. How many people can say that they swam in a pit of caviar?! Not many… well I mean, not unless you’ve been here. Then yeah, you have too.

They had this awesome egg room where they had this cool DJ set propped up. I thought it was cool because it looked like a retro 70’s disco room.

I want to say that certain pieces are already looking worn out and I wished the staff actually took better care of them. Since it is a one of a kind exhibit, I would have liked to see the staff letting guest know to be very gentle with the art work.

Upon arrival, please do not forget your souvenir pins that come with your ticket! Also, remember to arrive 10 minutes before to ensure that you get your time with each display. If you’re a bit late, it might be a little tough to get some photos as there is a lot of foot traffic.

If you would like to visit Foodie Space click here to purchase tickets. This exhibit will be up until this weekend! Definitely go if you have the chance. This might be the only time where you won’t be shamed for taking photos of your favorite foods!

Until my next adventure,

Stay sweet, stay happy and look forward to better days.


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