A few months ago, my boyfriend and I had a great opportunity to visit PartyWith. It actually happened by chance. He and I finished eating at Din Tai Fung and we were trying to plan out our schedule for the following day when he stumbled across PartyWith. Of course, I said yes right away and to be quite honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

If you’ve been on social media for awhile, you know the saying, “if it’s not on the gram, it didn’t happen.” PartyWith gives everyone living proof that this place is the best photo party you will be invited too.

PartyWith offers over 20 rooms that give all guest a new photo opportunity to be posted on social media. With its special lighting effect, the peach and eggplant room, or the rainbow hallway, PartyWith gives a new feel to all the photos that are taken at any given angle.

I was a little confused when I went inside because most pop ups have a visible door where you can see people enter and exit. I was very surprised when I saw the staff member hold on to the vending machine and pull the door open. It was very entertaining and unexpected.

I quite enjoyed being in each space because the lighting they provided made each picture look really artistic. So taking one shot is an option, but if you position yourself or your camera differently, you can a new photo. This gave me and the other guest an opportunity to spend a lot of time in each room. The staff is also there to help you with all your photos and also assists you where the best lighting and angles are within the room. Total plus for us because sometimes some guidance is better than none.

My favorite area was the peach and eggplant area. They had an individual area just for peaches and another for eggplant. If you’re in to emojis, just like me, you will probably enjoy this area as well. The peach emoji and the eggplant emoji was made into a life size figurine where you can take photos with it. Let’s just say we all felt a littler bit creative in this room. (NSFW not intended…or maybe I did!)

They also had a backdrop with the emoji as well. But of course, my ultimate favorite thing was the eggplant and peach ball pit that smelt like peaches and a sweet eggplant. SO worth jumping in there! I would do it again in a heartbeat. The ball pit also had a small soft toy peach and eggplant that you can throw around with your friends.

Towards the very end, they had this OOTD wall where they had four different cubical walls and each one was different. These installments definitely gave my boyfriend and I an opportunity to go about the different angles. Each photo we took was very different and all we had to do was pose differently or move slightly and the lighting would change or the room art would look completely different.

If you have time, stop by their shop that’s also up front. They offer different souvenirs for all ages to enjoy!

This was or is probably one of my favorite experiences that my boyfriend has taken me too. Seeing that I do like taking photos, I had a blast! I would highly recommend going to this pop up. Especially for those who like to make their Instagram into a personal portfolio or if you just like to live ya best life! Make you’re way to PartyWith! Keep in mind if you do go during the week, they are closed for private events Monday through Wednesday. Also, the last time we were there, the guy said that they would be changing a few rooms within the first part of February or March and we’re now in April! So, if you visit now, you’ll most likely have a few new rooms! To purchase tickets, please click here!

Until my next adventure! Toodles!

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