Museum of Selfies

This one museum I live to tell about is probably going to be a rare opinion. I wouldn’t really know if you would call this a “Pop Up” anyway as it was located in a different area before and then moved to a centralized area. Either way, the Selfie Museum missed its mark during my trip.

I have been spoiled with many pop culture museums and each had a very unique experience. If you asked me about my past visits, I can literally tell you I have enjoyed them all. I figured I would take this opportunity to visit the Selfie Museum since of its high ratings, social media photos, and the story behind it all.

I first encountered the Selfie Museum when I was on my way home and I had stopped by a bakery in Burbank before I left. A few doors down to said bakery, was the Selfie Museum. I, of course, had no time to pass by so I told myself I’d go my next trip.

It just so happens on that next trip, the museum was in the middle of Downtown LA and it was definitely an experience.

Walking up the stairs in itself was an experience because it was already colorfully inviting that I even took a photo with it. It set the tone of what I was about to experience. However, I was quite surprised that once I entered, I got a total different experience.

The first few rooms offered a restaurant with an oversized meal, a cityscape like scraper where at the right angle can make you look like you’re literally on the very top, and simple monochromatic wall.

Leading towards the very back, you have a mock restroom with a tub full of gold and a gold toilet, a “2-way” mirror, Van Gogh’s room, a door way where it looks like a selfie within a selfie, an emoji ball pit, and more.

The space was pretty big and featured some artwork where it was “selfie” themed. Each one also had a description of how it’s considered a selfie.

Towards the end, there was a stage with a selfie award background and awesome information on the infamous Mr. Selfie. My one and only favorite room was where they had the statue of David… and well as you can tell from the photos, it’s self-explanatory. Very funny experience.

Now, here’s the honest part. I wouldn’t recommend going here at all. To be honest, the first location was probably perfect for the museum. Easy access, awesome parking, and small enough to actually appreciate each room feature.

The building was so huge that they had so much open space. Sometimes open space is great and can be appreciated. The lighting in the building wasn’t all that great that sometimes it was too bright or too dim to take a proper photo. However, when you think about visiting a Selfie Museum, you start to think they would have a feature where you can interact with a wall or a room at every turn, but here I didn’t even feel that way.

Also, the tickets were at an expensive for the lack luster experience I got. General admission was $25 per person. The rooms were very rundown, the staff was barely even there to help and assist with some displays that were a bit confusing on how to appreciate the photo experience. Throughout the whole experience, I was pretty bored.

If you’re thinking about stopping by the Selfie Museum, don’t do it. It’s not worth the money, it’s not worth the trouble of trying to find parking and just the experience itself is just not worth it.

Until my next adventure! Toodles!

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