Life update!!! I know it has been awhile since I last updated you all about what silly adventures I was up to, but this time around, I’ll get a little bit personal and give you the happenings on why I have been missing.

1. I left a job, got a job, then left the new job… and now here we are!
Honestly, I need to figure out what I would like to do within the next few years. My career path has definitely changed. I left my old job because I felt like I needed to redefine myself and see if what I chose was what I wanted. Long story short, my new job didn’t turn out the way that I wanted it to be. The lack of professionalism and disrespect that was presented to me was a big sign that maybe this isn’t what I wanted and the path that I was on was the incorrect one. So far, this funemployment feels freeing, but discovering what I am meant to do in this big city has been far greater than I expected.

2. My family and I are buying a new house!
Yes, I still live with my family. Why? Because I’m Filipino. I would like to take care of my parents as long as I can manage, and so far, I think my sister and I are doing a fantastic job. We are about to put our house on the market in hopes someone does want to buy it. Nothing has been set in stone, but I am going to put it out there into the world that we are going to get this house and we are going to move. The new house itself isn’t going to be done until early next year. I’m slowly starting to purge out all of the things I don’t need and packing the things I want to keep. I never really noticed how much stuff I have, until I end up moving. So please keep my family and myself in your positive vibes and prayers that this all goes smoothly.

3. Thoughts on a vlog?!
I haven’t a clue how this all started or what thought got into my head to start a vlog. I really like writing and I often come off really awkward in person, and on top of that, I’m really boring. I am an extrovert that literally likes to stay home. So, what would I vlog about? I don’t know, just a random thought.

4. Travel!
I’ve been traveling to….well Disneyland! My boyfriend and I have taken a break from long haul traveling because in 2020 we have plans of traveling a lot more. So small kine travel here and there for me and Rich while we save up. Yes, we have been to a few restaurants, pop up museums, and places that I should blog about. Yes, I have photos. No, I haven’t had the time since I have been disconnecting on my social media to just live in the moment. I will update I swear!

5. Who me?!
The last time I gave a life update, I said I was unhappy and lost and I would let myself feel a lot more emotions rather than putting on a mask. I realized all those nasty negative thoughts were all definitely me and I’ve apologized to many people for my toxic ways and how much it hurt them while I was going through my “dark place.” I’m sitting here and I’m thinking about how much confidence I lost and it’s a shame because that was my shine; but I was the one that took that away. I have slowly started to work on myself and my confidence all over again. It’s not an easy path, but I’m ready to take it.

I thought of leaving it to just small updates rather than big ones. Just as a friendly reminder that I’m still around and I’m still alive and kicking!

Until my next adventure! Toodles~!

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