Museum of Dream Space

I was way too excited about this one. All this talk of actually getting to experience a dream within reality was insane! I mean who wouldn’t want to encounter an out of body experience firsthand?!

But sorry to break it to ya ladies and gents, this is another museum flop for me. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy myself. But for a ticket that cost $32 a person, it was beyond underwhelming.

First and foremost, the location being in Los Angeles’ Beverly Center. That alone was something that we had to decide if this place was actually worth it. I loathe traffic for a lot of reasons, and no matter what, with going to the Beverly Center, I’m going to experience the horrible LA traffic. Of course, wherever Rich and I stayed, we were ultimately looking at a 10 to 20-minute wait time on one of the highways.

Before we go to any pop-up museum, we look into review forums such as Yelp or Tripadvisor, but we are influenced mostly by Instagram as majority of our visits are posted in our stories. If you go on to the Museum of Dream Space, most of the photos are pretty, artistic, and somewhat unique. At this point, I said, why not give it a try! Gives for great photos for the ‘gram and we actually get to go walk around a bit.

The front itself was very underwhelming with its white walls and regular white desk; I was hoping they were canceling out the color on the outside for guest to appreciate the color splash on the inside.

I go inside and see its a gold lit room and thought to myself, “how cool is this gold room that looks like a Ferrero Rocher wrapper!”

Then entered another room with an interactive nature art piece that was delightful. The projector had a sensor that detects where you are standing, to make your shadow cascade onto the projected art piece.
Pretty neat if you ask me; also got to blow off some of the caffeine that was in my system. I also enjoyed looking at the side walls which changed from jellyfish to flowers.

Across that was a projected version of the ever so popular digital photo frame of 2010.
Only this time, instead of photos, it was just artwork.

The next room after had a hanging light fixture where guest can take photos with. But you really can’t get too close because, art.

The next room was very much close to an indoor mirror maze. The lights in this room reminded me of the Holiday season because they look like the icicle lights that hang outside of most houses.

The last room itself was multicolored and had hanging lights which also had a sloth speed of lights flashing; nothing really too exciting.

Then we just made our way out because that’s literally all five rooms. Don’t get me wrong, the concept is there; yes, they took a page out of Yayoi Kusama. The price per ticket is very outrageous; $32 per person and theirs only five rooms? The Groupon ticket for any day of the week is $28.50 per person, but if you want to go Monday through Friday its $27 per person. Not much of a discount if you ask me.

All the rooms are concepts of digital art that you can find anywhere around the LA area FOR FREE or at a lower price. For example, you can see Yayoi Kusama’s work at The Broad FOR FREE. You can go to certain Discovery Museums around the United States that have interactive projections on a wall and get in FOR FREE. Even the interactive projections in schools were better than this one! You couldn’t really draw on the wall then find a creative way to erase it or add something new to it. It was literally just me, running around… trying to catch my shadow and blowing off four cups of coffee.

You can get the sense of the work trying to expand the arts towards digital technology. But it wasn’t all there for me. Anyone can take lights and paint a room a solid color and call it “art.” For the location, experience, and price, for sure not worth the visit to a high-volume area. I would highly recommend The Broad and as much as I don’t favor LACMA, I would also recommend going there as well.

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Until my next adventure! Toodles!

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