Happy Place Las Vegas Edition I am very pleased to say that we had the opportunity to go to Happy Place Las Vegas. This particular pop -up has a sentimental value as this was one of the first pop-up museums I reviewed on this platform. When I found out we were going to be having our own pop-up here in my city, I was so excited. Although the first time going to Happy Place was fun, this one was even more exciting as I brought a few of my favorite people.

Just like Happy Place LA, Happy Place Las Vegas is full of multi-sensory rooms where guest can capture their HAPPY! Happy Place Las Vegas is located inside Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Unlike the one in LA, this one is, of course, catered to my city (yes, I am very possessive and protective of Las Vegas).
I had a lot of expectations and was really excited because the first time I went, it was just my boyfriend, Rich, who came along with me. This time, I figured to get a group to share the experience with. With my small group, we all went inside with the help of Courtney. Mind you, we didn’t know what to expect when we were here, but Courtney for sure set the tone for service. Before you walk into the pop-up, they go over the rules then let you know what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. As soon as that was over, we went inside to start our happy adventure. TLDR; there’s going to be a lot of compare and contrast in this post.

The first room was the candy room. Filled with faux gumball machines, a big high heel made of candy, and an awesome quote on the wall that says, “smile like you mean it.” I was very surprised on how big this room was. Although we enjoyed the intro room to Happy Place, I wish they utilized more of the space. The room was really well lit that the open space is more noticeable. Again, still a fun room to take cool pictures in, I was just looking for more props and such.

The confetti room was pretty awesome for slow motion videos and Instagram Boomerangs. This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have some sort of tension with the group you go with, I highly recommend this room to let off some safe steam. Throwing confetti can be therapeutic to people.

Off in the wonderful world of cookies. This small, yet very aromatic room gave us the opportunity to take photos with a giant cookie where the chocolate chips open up like a door.

The most instafamous, Super Bloom Room, was filled with over 40,000 marigolds and this time, your girl got to take photos in it! I mean look how awesome this shot is! Shout out to Marlow for being the true MVP Photographer for this shot. My sister and friends also look amazing as well! But then person behind the camera is the reason for that (pats self on the back).

The upside-down room was a trip because I really didn’t know how this worked, but then Marlow explained to us what we had to do to make it look awesome. So we followed his lead and this awesome photo came about! We also took a few here and there because we fully understood the room to its full potential.
The following boomerangs and photos are for your pleasure! This room…or walk way…was filled with a lot of interactive hallways such as:

a tub filled with plastic balls,

a bedazzled room that looked like a disco ball, and white chains.
We spent a little bit too long here because you can do so much with in each small room and each photo and boomerang turned out different.

At the end of the interactive hallways, we were introduced to a selfie machine. And yeah again, we took our time with this one. The one in LA was at the very, very end where they had the lemonade stand and the retail area as well. This time they put it in the pop-up itself. I actually like this idea better because it gave us more time to actually take photos. In my opinion, if it is at the end of the pop-up, a lot of guest just end up there and some take their time. Where here, you know EVERYONE is in one certain area and you can take your time with the selfie machine.

I really enjoyed going into the “love” room. I call it the love room, others call it the XO room, but you get the drift right? Marlow helped us out a lot with this one and showed us different poses so we can get the XO in our photos.
We then entered the Hallway of Clouds that leads into the last room. But even before we went into our last interactive area, please enjoy some of the following boomerangs.

Some of us saw this as an opportunity to strut our stuff, do the Naruto run, and skip towards happiness.

At the end of the pop, there was a dome filled with confetti, a gigantic Happy Sign, a happy ball pit you can jump and play in, and a big slot machine slide. On top of all the interactive, sensory overload features, we also got to try some of their happy lemonade. The lemonade tasted just as it did when I had it in LA. SUPER SOUR!!

The Dome was a crowd favorite because we had a chance to play inside of it for a while. With the air blowing from below, the confetti flew EVERYWHERE!! We found a few pieces within our pockets, the hood of our jackets, and dare I say it even in our bras. Just like the confetti room in the beginning, this one made us feel like we were at the end of a party. Very sounding to an almost end of an awesome pop-up museum.

The ball pit was available for us to play in, but we couldn’t jump into it because other guest before us know how to ruin that fun. We did, however, take the opportunity to actually play inside the pit. I didn’t go in because the one in LA was a bit too deep for my feet to touch the ground and I have a thing about that (#weirdo).

The Happy Sign and the Slot Slide was an awesome touch to Las Vegas’ Happy Place. It resonated what, I feel, is our city’s goal. Las Vegas is meant to make long lasting memories to a happy time. Taking photos at this sign with my favorite people made this experience an awesome one. Now, I’m not saying this because it is my city.

I gotta say I enjoyed Vegas Happy Place more than LA Happy Place. Happy Place LA was atop of a parking garage and getting there was a bit tough since it was in Downtown LA. We also had to pay for parking in LA, but that’s pretty much the norm there. Here we just brought the car to valet and then tipped at the very end. Not to mention, Happy Place Las Vegas is conveniently located at the south end of the Strip, right inside Mandalay Bay.

The rooms were by far much more spacious and had a lot more leg room to play. Like I said, I wish I could have seen more from the first room, but that’s fine because all the rooms were utilized to its full potential as we stayed for over 3 hours this trip than the last. Don’t get me wrong, Happy Place LA was very spacious as well. This time we had a bigger group which is why we spent more time inside the museum itself.

Everyone was very, very accommodating! Courtney at the door; bless her heart for accommodating us. My group and I can be very loud and, dare I even say it, a bit extra. But Courtney helped us out so much with the tickets. So shout out to her! Big shout out to Marlow!!! Marlow (if you’re reading this, sorry if I spelled your name wrong) made our experience above and beyond because he became our private photographer – setting us up with some awesome poses, being informative about each room, and letting us stay in the room for more than the suggested time frame. All around good guy and great photographer. Ask for him! He’ll take all the photos!

The customer service at Happy Place Las Vegas definitely made our experience. Although Happy Place LA was fully staffed within each room, Happy Place Las Vegas put themselves out there and assisted not only myself and my group, but everyone all around. I totally wish I had each and everyone’s name within each installment because each and everyone made a long lasting impression on my experience in the very first Pop-Up Museum here in Las Vegas. Their friendliness and individual personalities made our experience a very, very happy one.

If you all still want to stop by Happy Place Las Vegas, click here for tickets. I highly recommend going to this pop-up because it’s for sure different and can make your Vegas experience a memorable one during your trips.

Until my next adventure! Toodles!

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